You do know we do spare parts right?

Friday August 22 2014

The Dugard spares and accessories department is really quite impressive – we’ve got 2,000 square feet spread out over three floors to store all the things we get asked for on a daily basis.

Spares have always been a really important part of the business, but we haven’t exactly shouted about what we can do for you. We’ve been trying to work out a way to start online ordering for spares but it’s so hard! We sell so many different types of machines (so does everyone else!), and there are so many bits that could break or cause a problem that the actual spare parts you require can be really quite complex. Until we can identify the best way to get the exact information we need, online ordering is on the back burner for a while – but, you know what, person to person contact has been working brilliantly for us since 1939 so lets hang on to it a little bit longer!

The best way to make sure you get the right part as quick as possible is to give us a call and ask for the spares department (01273 732286) or email We’ll need a few basic details – machine name, make, control type, serial number if you’ve got it – as well as what’s actually gone wrong and then Daryl and Connor can identify the right part and send it out that day. Of course, as you may have found out, sometimes you just don’t know what the part you need is called – no probs, just take a quick picture, email it to and they can tell you what it is, how much it costs and how long it’ll take to get to you.

Although the spare parts we sell can have a lot of variables, thankfully certain spares are really straight forward so we’ve decided to start a list – if you see anything you need, just click on the email address and let us know what machine it’s for, your name, company and contact number as well as the address you’d like the part delivered to. Then we’ll get everything ready and give you a quick call to take payment and arrange delivery. Make sure you check back to the site every now and then as we’ll be adding to the list so everything should get just a little bit easier!