Dugard leads the way with new sliders at MACH

Thursday March 21 2024

We’ll be presenting a host of new machines at MACH 2024 from the 15th to the 19th of April on Stand 370 in Hall 20. As an industry benchmark in quality machine tools, we’re introducing new high-precision sliding head turning centres alongside industry-leading 5-axis machining centres.

Dugard will be introducing the Kitamura Mytrunnion 4G 5-axis powerhouse alongside a SMEC 2500BSY turning centre and the newly introduced Mylas brand with the DT52 twin spindle twin turret multi-tasking turning centre. With three Hanwha sliding head turning centres at MACH, it is apparent that this high-quality range of machines has been enjoying remarkable success since its MACH show debut two years ago.   

Hanwha XD10 sliding head lathe

To showcase the breadth of our machine tool offering, we’ll give the Hanwha brand of sliding head turning centres prominence with the XD10, XD20 III and the XDI 32 all set to take centre stage at MACH. The smallest machine of the three, the Hanwha XD10 is a sliding head turning centre with a 10mm bar capacity for precision mid to high-volume machining of small components. With a 15,000rpm 3.7kW spindle and 8 front and 6 back-end turning tools, the XD10 is an extremely flexible proposition for MACH visitors. The machine also offers four ER11 front-end tools and four ER11M cross-drilling tools with 8 ER11 sub-spindle back-working tools. This compact, flexible and powerful workhorse will undoubtedly appeal to small turned parts manufacturers attending MACH.


Next to the Hanwha XD10 will be the larger Hanwha XD20 III. Available with FANUC or Siemens control, the XD20 III has been optimised for the machining of both short and long components with its extended Z1 axis stroke of 240mm and Z2 stroke of 286mm. With five cross-drilling stations as standard and a Y2 back tool feature, the XD20 III demonstrates remarkable kinematics and productivity levels that make this machine the perfect sliding head centre for any machine shop. With the flexibility to present customers with six OD tooling stations, five robust ER16M positions for front and back working, five ER16 cross drilling positions with an additional two for off-centre drilling as well as eight back-end tools configured as four fixed and four driven positions as standard – this machines is perfect for one-hit machining of everything from the most simple to complex of parts.

Hanwha XDI 32 sliding head CNC lathe

The third Hanwha machine on the stand will be the XDI 32 machine. The largest of the three Hanwha machines at MACH, the XDI 32 provides extremely strong performance characteristics that stem from a machine construction that is far superior to anything else in the sliding head market. This delivers unparalleled levels of precision, repeatability and surface finishes. With a 6500rpm sub-spindle and up to 26 tools, this 32mm diameter capacity machine is ideal for any machine shop. If you would like to find out more about the industry-leading Hanwha sliding head machines or any of the other high-calibre brands available from Dugard, please visit Stand 370 in Hall 20 at MACH 2024 and talk to our experts to see how your machine shop productivity can be improved.