The Dugard stand at EMO is buzzing with people

Friday August 22 2014

The Dugard stand at EMO in Hannover seems to be getting busier as the week progresses – we’re literally doing a roaring trade!

 The Samsung machines are proving extremely popular with all our European customers and dealers and there are plenty of our loyal UK customers who have come over for the show.

Most of the machines on the stand are Samsung but we do have a surprise guest – the Dugard 65TTSY (twin turret, twin spindle CNC lathe) which is like a big brother to the Dugard 52TTSY that we showed at EMO last time.  That’s proving to be a great attraction – which bodes well for our Open House in Hove (15 – 17 October) as all the machines we bring back from EMO will be on show there.  If they’re back at Hove then they’re stock machines, and as with all our stock machines they’re available for immediate delivery.  That includes the You Ji VTL 2000 ATC+C II so make sure you pop in to have a look – remember, if you come on the Wednesday we’re having Curry Night (just let us know you’re coming so we don’t run out of food!).

As you can see from the pictures, although there aren’t many Dugard machines on the stand, we’ve got a healthy quota of actual Dugards!  Eric’s here, as are his children Anna and Matt, busy learning the ropes.  Paul Dugard’s here too (he’s Bob’s son) but he takes all the pictures so he’s never in them.  Exhibitions are always full of lovely ladies, other companies have to hire theirs in but we’re lucky, we’ve got plenty at our office so this time, as well as Anna, Danni’s come along to help make everyone feel welcome.