Rod talks about the SMEC 2500SY CNC turning centre

Thursday November 2 2017

During the trip to Hove for our open house, the team at managed to grab hold of Rod and get him to tell them all about the SMEC 2500SY CNC turning centre – watch the video below.

Packed with features and exceptional build quality

Dugard have been selling SMEC (Samsung Machine Engineering Company) machines for many years and the extensive range has proved to be extremely popular.  When asked what the key to the SMEC success was, Rod was quick to answer, “They’re extremely accurate machines, the build quality is exceptional, they’re very rigid, and against most competition they’re quite powerful.” 

The SMEC 2500SY has a sub spindle, Y axis and driven tools – quite a popular style of machine in the UK market, so what is it that sets the SMEC (Samsung Machine Engineering Company) machine apart from the competition? As Rod points out, our machine comes with a variety of options including different bore sizes, different chuck configurations, different spindle motors for different powers, and the list goes on.  It’s a heavy duty machine with boxway construction.  It’s clearly an impressive looking machine, in the video Paul from MTD describes the second spindle as a monster with a lot of power, and the turret as big and chunky supported by big casting and construction.  Rod backs that up telling him it’s “…available as a turret with half index turret as well, so you can have 24 tools with half index, so it’s really down to you which one you choose when you order the machine [and] Y axis is 50mm each way so it’s 100mm”.

Siemens and Fanuc control options

The SMEC 2500SY features the new Siemens 828 touchscreen control.  It also features Shopturn conversational software, making it extremely easy for lesser skilled operators to programme.  Paul from MTD mentioned that people are increasingly looking to control swarf, and that is a standard feature on the Siemens control.  Rod explains that on the turning option you can “peck turn” which breaks up the swarf, a unique feature on machine controls.  And the features don’t end there, the Siemens control enables you to fill in minimal information and the machine can work out the machining for itself, then you can run a full programme simulation and see the finished job on screen.  The entire SMEC range is, of course, available with Fanuc controls as well.

If you want any more info on the SMEC 2500SY CNC turning centre, just call us on 01273 732286 or email