Eric reviews the Dugard 52SY Swiss type CNC lathe

Monday October 30 2017 came to our showroom in Hove during our open house to review our new machines and the Dugard 52 Swiss type CNC lathe was the first that caught their eye.  Debuting at Timtos in Taiwan earlier in the year, the 52SY continued its tour to EMO in Hannover and finished up at the UK launch in Hove.  Watch the interview with Eric below. 

Sliding head technology with 52mm bar capacity

As Eric points out in the video, Dugard have been very successful in the sliding head market for many years now, with several hundred Dugard 32 sub spindle CNC lathes currently installed and hard at work in the UK.  The 32mm machine has no guide bush, so 32mm is quite an unusual capacity – but it does allow you to use simple bar and not have a long bar wastage on each operation.  When looking for further development opportunities it was clear that the 16/20mm sliding head market is very well served, so the Dugard manufacturers decided to take a chance and develop a machine with a larger capacity instead.

The 52SY can be run as a guide bush or non guide bush machine.  It gives you 42mm capacity as a sliding head, or, if you want to take the Swiss aspect out of it you can take the guide bush out and get 51mm bar capacity.  It also has a good selection of tools and options, changing the tooling configuration and giving our customers incredible flexibility.

A powerful high production machine with control options

The 52SY bridges the gap between a conventional CNC lathe with a bar feed and a Swiss type, ultra high production lathe.  It’s a rigid machine with built in 11kW spindles giving you a lot of power. 

It’s been developed with a dual channel Mitsubishi M80 series control, so you can programme the main spindle and the sub spindle independently and then simply integrate it into the programme.  Of course we also offer a Fanuc control option.

Competitively priced

The Dugard 52SY gives all the speed and production capability at a fraction of the cost, we think probably 50% of the cost of our competitors.  Cost is a very important aspect at Dugard, and we pride ourselves on always offering high quality machines at the very best price.  As Eric says in the video, “we’ve got to differentiate ourselves from the competition, and we try to give the customers quality machines with high production capability, but also a price that will be attractive to them because when you’re in the subcontract market, price per part is very important.”  That price of course is a complete package, with a hysdrostatic barfeed included.  If you want any more info on the Dugard 52SY Swiss type CNC lathe, just call us on 01273 732286 or email