Eric reviews the Dugard X5-320 5 axis VMC

Friday November 10 2017

The 5 axis range at Dugard has seen a definite improvement throughout 2017, and the X5-320 has received a bit of a revamp so it fits in.

Watch Paul from speak Eric about it in the video underneath.

5 axis with plenty of options

The X5-320 has been in the Dugard 5 axis stable since 2016, and during that time the manufacturers have gradually increased the options available on the machine.  It now comes with an integrated swarf and coolant system so the whole thing is enclosed in the footprint giving you a much neater package.

The X5-320 nestles in well with our premium range of VMCs, with rollerways, heavy duty direct drive spindle up to 15,000rpm and up to 48 tools.  It also has a good selections of control options –Fanuc 0iMF with Manual guide i for 4+1 and Siemens 828D with Shopmill or Heidenhain 640TNC for full 5 axis simultaneous applications.  It’s also got a very competitive price tag with the 4+1 Fanuc model coming in at around £100,000 and with full 5 axis for just over that.

If you’d like any more information on the Dugard X5-320 5 axis VMC, just call us on 01273 732286 or email