Ex Stock Ibarmia ZVH58/L4000 EXTREME Travelling Column 5 Axis Machining Centre

Machine Information

Stock model Ibarmia ZVH 58/L4000 extreme travelling column 5 axis machining centre with Heidenhain control, 4000mm X axis, integrated rotary table and 60 tools

Machine Features

Heidenhain TNC 640 HSCI control

C axis Integrated rotary table

X axis4000mm
Y axis1000mm
Z axis1100mm
B axis head±105°

Superior quality CNC machines

Made in Spain


X axis travel4000mm
Y axis travel1000mm
Z axis travel1100mm
Automatic tool changer60 tools
C axis Integrated rotary table±360°
Milling spindle84kW
HSKK A-100
Direct measurement system in all linear axes
LED lighting of the work area
Chip conveyor
Fully enclosed working area, steel covers
Extra side windows for extra long workpieces
Preparation for mist aspiration
Spray gun
Air gun
19" touch screen
Heidenhain HR-510 portable electronic hand wheel
Climatised electrical cabinet