Kitamura, built to perform from the ground up

Thursday July 25 2019

Another visit from Paul Jones at MTDCNC gave us the opportunity to show off about the phenomenal Kitamura range, including the HX500iG horizontal machining centre we’ve got in stock at our showroom in Hove, watch the video:

Kitamura HX500iG

The HX500iG is currently in stock at our showroom in Hove, it’s available for a demo and of course immediate delivery.  Although that’s the model we’ve got in the showroom, the whole Kitamura range can really be described as in stock as they’re from the Kitamura warehouse in Germany so a machine can be with you really quickly. 

Colin’s overview of the machine highlights the 500 x 500mm pallet as well as production cycle times, with 60m/minute feeds with hardened boxways.  There are twin ballscrews which gives you good torque levels, and the spindle speed is 20,000rpm with a four speed gearbox.  The beauty of the HX500iG is that it can machine anything from inconels to hastelloys right the way down to softer materials like aluminiums and plastics.

Ticking all the boxes

With machine tools customers have several boxes to tick: power, speed, rigidity, and often people say you can’t tick all of them.  With the Kitamura range however, you can!  They come equipped with a high speed spindle, plenty of power, and the box guideway construction running at 60m/minute, as Colin points out it’s a very unique concept. 

These features apply right down to the lightning fast, high production HX250iG, the gain and accuracy on all of the Kitamura machines is phenomenal.  The 2 micron accuracy is tested over the full travel of the axes.  The hand scraping really impacts Kitamura accuracy as competitors test at just 300mm with an accuracy of 4~5 microns.

Lights out machining guaranteed

As Colin points out, Kitamura machines are extremely competitively priced for what you get.  The palleting system on the horizontal machines in the range give you the opportunity to minimise your skilled labour.  It means you can get a lot more unmanned hours out of the machines, guaranteeing lights out machining.

Kitamura machines consistently deliver quality, speed, rigidity, longevity without a big price tag.  For more information on any of the Kitamura range, or to arrange a demonstration, call 01273 732286 or email