Dr Kitamura talks about Kitamura machining centres

Wednesday September 18 2019

MTDCNC came down to our head office in Hove recently to talk to the owner of Kitamura, Dr Kitamura and our MD Eric, watch the video below.

High quality machining centres

Founded in 1933 and run since then as a private company, Kitamura are unique in that they concentrate on only producing machining centres so they can always ensure a high quality product.  Dr Kitamura himself is a very hands on CEO, with intricate knowledge of machine capabilities, software and mechanical functions. 

Speed, accuracy and rigidity

Kitamura have a number of registered patents, all to ensure that you get the very best speed, accuracy and rigidity in each and every machine.  Their twin ballscrew is just one of those patents.  Attention to detail during production is also of vital importance – Kitamura machines offer true geometric accuracy and this can only come from hand scraping, giving you an exceptionally fine surface finish, no other manufacturer is offering that degree of craftsmanship.

Kitamura customers

Obviously Kitamura customers expect a high quality machine.  What they get is high accuracy machines but with high performance, with 60 m/min rapids and 20,000rpm on a BT40 spindle.  There’s also a 4 range gearbox that gives you incredible torque.  As well as that Kitamura machines are the fastest box guideway machines in their class.  Incredible accuracy is built in as standard, when the range was introduced at Dugard our engineers were shocked at the zero parameters while still getting true geometric accuracy.  Of course another feature is the software which allows the machines to overcome any thermal growth.

Extensive range

Whatever milling application you’re working on there’s a Kitamura machine for you.  With machines including 5 axis, bridge type, double column and general vertical machining centres the range is extensive.  They even do very small machines like the agile new Medcenter, a 5 axis machine with 20,000rpm.

Still a private company

Dr Kitamura pointed out that they are the only private company selling machines in Japan, and there’s a very good reason they keep it that way.  Kitamura machines have incredible longevity, probably the longer than anyone else, and that means that your machine is still going strong 10 or even 20 years after you bought it.  Dr Kitamura says that as a public company it wouldn’t be possible for them to stock spare parts for these older machines, but they’re vital for a brand that lasts so long, so by remaining a private company Kitamura can make sure they’re able to serve the customer for as long as they need them.

Kitamura machines are only available in the UK at Dugard, get in touch for more info or a demonstration.