Fastcut comes to Dugard

Thursday April 4 2019

Dugard have just taken on a brand new product range, the Fastcut range of turning centres, and MTDCNC reviewed the company for us:

MTD visited the Fastcut stand at the Timtos exhibition in Taiwan so they already knew a lot about their machines.  The Fastcut machines are about dual efficiency, dual productivity.  The video shows a central spindle with a turned component either side of the spindle, supported and being turned simultaneously – machining 2 components at once on one spindle. 

Fastcut is a big believer in automation, so loading components from machine to machine is all handled by their integrated automation solutions as shown in the video.  The video shows a slightly different machine with a central spindle and 2 turrets so the component is fed through the spindle and then the turret turns the component and does a simple facing and centre drilling operation while also doing the same on the second spindle.  Of course both turrets are independent so you get 2 operations (double productivity) as a result of the configuration. 

They also supply gang tooling machines in a range of sizes from small footprint turning centres up to the larger ones shown in the video and fully integrated cells with robotic automation.  All models are available from Dugard, but they’re a very bespoke system so please call 01273 732286 or email to find out more.

While at Timtos MTDCNC were very interested in the Fastcut stand, watch the video below to see why they were so impressed:

The Fastcut machines are a great example of automation in a turning environment.  The video shows a machine with 2 spindles driven by 1 motor in the centre with a turret machining each side of a shaft.  So the machine is centre drilling, turning the outside diameters, and that’s when the automation comes in to play, it takes the part out and moves it on to the next operation.  Next the automation unit picks the shaft up, moves it on to conveyors where the robot picks the shafts up and moves them the next operation.  The next machine is again working on 2 parts, one on either side of the central motor, each component is being turned independently and it means you’re getting 2 parts at once off this machine, increasing your efficiency and enabling unmanned machining.  Call us on 01273 732286 or email if you need any more information.