You Ji on show at Timtos exhibition in Taiwan

Thursday April 4 2019

Paul from MTDCNC met up with Jerry Wu from You Ji at the recent Timtos exhibition in Taiwan, watch to see what he had to say:

As you can see in the video, You Ji were exhibiting the biggest machine at the show, the VTL 2000ATC+Y – a double column gantry machine with turning and Y axis function.  It’s interesting because instead of a fixed rectangular table it has a turning table, it’s a special machine developed for You Ji customers in utilise the multi functional machining process.

Jerry points out that the machine has 4 axes, X, Y, Z and C, all 4 axes can be used simultaneously, with the Y axis giving the customer the ability to machine parts with off centre line process.  It comes with either a 2m or 2.5m table meaning customers can load heavy parts for turning without any problems.

You can get the whole You Ji range in the UK at Dugard, take a look at the selection of 2m machines on our website, with more options available on request.  For any info on You Ji machines, please call us on 01273 732286 or email [email protected]