Advanced Manufacturing 2013 – how did it go?

Wednesday August 20 2014

We’re just back from the show so it’s a great time to have a look at how it all went – and the answer is very well indeed!  It got off to a slightly rocky start – at the beginning of the first day visitors seemed fairly thin on the ground.  However it soon picked up and although, to be honest, it wasn’t as busy as Southern Manufacturing was earlier on this year, the quality of visitors was exceptional, with good quality leads pointing towards some very promising prospective sales and attractive long term possibilities.

We used Advanced Manufacturing almost as a warm up to EMO as it was the perfect opportunity to introduce our interactive touchscreen unit.  The purpose here was to see if it was possible to make the smaller shows extra beneficial without having actual machines on the stand.  It’s a brilliant sales tool, with full specifications, videos, animations, 360° views and interactive brochures all in one place.  But, as it’s a new way for us to demonstrate machine tools so we wanted to check we were moving in the right direction – the response was a resounding yes, which was great news as we’ve put a lot of hard work into the development stages.  Now we’re looking towards updates for EMO and MACH, as well as branching out to more innovative ways to present machines when the sales team are out and about visiting customers.

EMO next and we’re really focusing on what we need to do to make it the best yet!  We’re still planning to have a Samsung led stand, with up to 6 Samsung machines as well as a full complement of Dugard machines represented by our growing interactive element.  Stay in touch with how our plans are progressing here on our website as well as TwitterLinkedInYouTube and Facebook