Hard metal cutting on Dugard HD range at Timtos

Wednesday April 3 2019

MTD saw a lot of Dugard machines on show at Timtos including our HD range.  Paul saw the Dugard HD1886B and he was very impressed:

In the video Paul points out that the size is impressive – 860mm Y axis and 1800mm X axis.  The machine was on show with and without guards so he was able to fully appreciate the size of the box guideways, and the build quality of the casting.  The HD range has coolant on the ballscrews to keep every element of the machine cool for extra precision.  The inverted X axis is the main feature on the HD machines where the x axis sits under the Y axis giving you a lot more space and an impressively small footprint. 

For more information on the HD range call us on 01273 732286 or email sales@dugard.com