The new Dugard X5 – 5 axis VMC

Friday August 22 2014

A brand new addition to our range of 5 axis vertical machining centres, the Dugard X5 was launched at our open house and it was really well received.

It’s a high speed machining centre with 5 axis or 5 face milling capability, allowing the workpiece to be machined from all angles and positions.  It’s a high specification machine – 20kW, 12,000rpm direct drive spindle combined with Nikken’s highly accurate and fast positioning 5AX-350 ZA rotary tilt table – the Dugard X5 is the perfect combination for machining a wide range of applications.

The Nikken table is a real bonus on the X5 – recognised worldwide as the “Rolls Royce” of tables with exceptional wear resistance, rigidity and high speed rotation.  The model we use is the 5AX-350 ZA and every part is designed and built to provide high accuracy, increased production and trouble free long life.  What sets the Nikken CNC rotary table apart from its competition is a carbide worm system that dramatically reduces friction between the gears.  After years and years of use, this system offers unparalleled durability and accuracy.

Dugard X5 Demonstration Video

The X5 has a compact design but optimises it’s capacity with 1020mm X axis traverse, 610mm Y axis traverse and 810mm Z axis traverse.  It’s got roller type linear guideways providing high rigidity and accuracy, 12,000rpm direct drive spindle (perfect for precision and control) as well as a maximum feed rate of 10m/min and rapid traverse rates in X, Y and Z at 24/24/20 m/min (so the acceleration and deceleration speeds are impressive).  The tool change time on the Dugard X5 is quick (3 seconds tool to tool) and the 32 station bi directional twin arm tool changer is standard.  Maximum tool diameter on this machine is 76/150mm, maximum tool weight is 7kg and the maximum tool length is impressive at 300mm.

The standard X5 comes equipped with Heidenhain 530i multi axis control system.   Other available control options are Fanuc 0iMD and Siemens 828D giving 4+1 functionality at an even more competitive price.

The new Dugard X5 is a great 5 axis machine – versatile, compact and fast – with the added benefit of the Nikken table it’s ideally suited to meet all the demands of your machine shop.  If you need any more information on X5 please contact  We’re always updating the website so remember to check back to see what’s going on, and while you’re at it, why not subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn?