Hanwha XDI 32 Sliding Head CNC Lathe

Machine Information

Strong machining performance and high productivity with Fanuc/Siemens control, sub spindle, 6500rpm, up to 26 tools and 32mm maximum turning diameter.

Machine Features

Fanuc/Siemens control

Maximum turned diameter 32mm
Maximum main spindle speed 6500rpm
Maximum sub spindle speed 6500rpm
Maximum tools 26

Additional information

Product Type

Superior-quality CNC Machines

Made in Korea


Maximum turned diameter 32mm
Main spindle speed6500rpm
Main spindle motor2.2 / 5.5kW
Number of turning tools16 x 7 (4+3)
Number of front toolsER16M x 4 (front 4 / rear 7)
Number of cross drill toolsER16 x 7 (4+3)
Cross drill speed6000rpm
Cross drill motor2.2kW
Number of B axis toolsER16 x 4 (front 4 / rear 4)
B axis speed6000rpm
B axis motor1.0kW
Sub spindle speed6500rpm
Sub spindle motor2.2 / 5.5kW
Sub spindle back toolsER16 x 9 (fixed 3 + driven 6)
Sub spindle back tool speed6000rpm
Sub spindle back tool motor1.0kW
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 2910 x 1710 x 2010mm
Machine weight 6300kg
Power consumption34.7KVA, 28.8kW (VCTF16SQ x 4C)
Air flow rate120~150 litre/min