Hanwha XV 20/26 Sliding Head CNC Lathe

Machine Information

Hanwha sliding head CNC lathe featuring an innovative tooling capability with reinforced back tool and double hinged B axis unit

Machine Features

Fanuc 32i-B / Siemens 828D control options

B axis option - Siemens 840D

Upgraded built in motor for both main and sub spindles

First double hinged B axis unit on gang type tool layout model

Maximum machining diameter 20 / 26mm
Extended strokeZ1 240mm / Z2 286mm
Powerful cross motor2.2kW standard
Main spindle speed10,000 / 8,000rpm

Superior-quality CNC Machines

Made in Korea


Maximum machining diameter Ø20 / Ø26mm
Z1 stroke - guide bush240mm
Z1 stroke - non guide bush60 / 80mm
Main spindle speed10,000 / 8,000rpm
Main spindle motor (Fanuc)2.2/3.7kW / 2.2/5.5kW
Main motor (Siemens)16kW
Turning tool12 x 6 / 16 x 5 tools
Front toolER16M x 5 tools
Cross drill toolsER16 x 5 / ER16M x 5 tools
Cross drill speed9,000rpm
Cross drill motor (Fanuc)2.2kW
Cross drill motor (Siemens)2.13kW
Off centre (option)2 (ER16)
Sub operation
Sub spindle speed10,000 / 8,000rpm
Sub spindle motor (Fanuc)2.2/3.7kW
Sub spindle motor (Siemens)16kW
Back toolER16 x 8 tools
Back tool speed8,000rpm
Back tool motor (Fanuc)1.0 kW
Back tool motor (Siemens)1.02kW
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 2460 x 1390 x 1900mm
Machine weight 3100kg
Power consumption (cable size)15KVA, 10kW (VCTF 10SQ x 4C)
Air flow rate120 ~ 150 liter/min)