Outstanding success at the 2015 open house

Friday November 20 2015

This year’s open house has exceeded all expectations – a fantastic turnout, brilliant pies and an impressive 19 machines sold at the Dugard open house in just 2 days!=With plenty of customers, and a healthy representation from our European dealers we had a brilliant 2 days showing off our popular core range of CNC lathes and vertical machining centres.  We also had a lot of interest in our new machines – the high speed Dugard SS1263L VMC as well as the Dugard XP range.

The Dugard 2000XP featured at our open house was just one of the 19 machines sold at the event.  The 2000 is the biggest model in the XP range with 2060mm X axis travel.  The XP range have evolved from our bestselling E range, the difference is the XPs have more power, more tools and faster travels than the E range but they’re still the same great price.  The number of models available in the Dugard E Range (760E1000E and 1350E) has been reduced but the extra good news is if you’re planning to buy a new Dugard E range VMC, so has the price.  The full range of bed lengths is still available in the XP range – 760XP1000XP1350XP1600XP and 2000XP.  The XP range also comes with through spindle coolant and swarf auger as standard, making them incredible value for money.

The open house was also a great opportunity to tell everyone about our new and improved online shop.  Launched only last week we’ve already had an impressive amount of online offers, as well as some encouraging sales through the website, clearly we made the right choice to try and shake things up a bit.  And of course the website visitors made the right choice too – with some great deals being done online and absolutely no need for any argy bargy on the phone!  Take a look at the online shop to see if we’ve got what you need.  Remember, you can also buy our Dugard Lunan range online with the added incentive of a 5% discount on all online new machine sales.