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Dugard open house pulls in customers and increases orders

The Samsung Range is proving to be Dugard’s fastest selling range of all time – with 13 sold throughout the UK and Europe (including Russia) at the Open House alone.

The 52mm machines which caused such a stir at EMO are fast building an impressive following as a further three machines were ordered during the Open House.  Another new range to premiere at event was the HD Series of heavy duty VMCs and the HD1680B (the first stock model in the country) was snapped up straight away.  MD Eric Dugard was extremely pleased with such a positive response, “This really is a tremendous success – we’ve all put a lot of effort into the Open House and it’s much better than we could’ve expected.   I’m confident that our partnership with Samsung will only go from strength to strength and all the other new ranges are really establishing their place as exceptional additions to the Dugard fleet.”

Dugard launched their Samsung collaboration at EMO in Hannover and the sales success at the Open House was a welcome bonus.

Confirmation then that this exceptional range of turning centres – with 6 ~ 24” chucks, up to 3.2m between centres, mill/drill capacity and C & Y axes available – it an absolute coup for Dugard.  With the President of Samsung Machine Tools, Mr H J Lee at the Open House all week he took the opportunity to present a £10,000 sponsorship cheque to Joonas Kymakorpi, Joonas is currently the world Longtrack champion as well as the Eastbourne Eagles Speedway captain.  After all that commitment, it would be a shame to let Mr Lee leave without securing a nice healthy order and Dugard are pleased to say that there are another 50 machines arriving in Hove over the next 6 months.

At EMO the two new 52mm machines – the Dugard 52 TTSY and the Dugard 52TTS, both with twin spindle, twin axis, Y axis, 11 driven tools with 9 turning tools – really drew in the crowds.  Dugard were able to build on this success as visitors to the Open House were treated to live demonstrations of both machines.  Both machines are designed for precision part machining, are highly versatile and relatively simple to programme so they couldn’t fail to impress.  Customers clearly didn’t want to miss out on such a perfect opportunity and all the stock models were sold at the Open House.  For those of you who didn’t make it to Hove last week Dugard have a comprehensive forward order book for both models.

Another machine showcased at the Open House was the new Dugard HD 1680B.  It’s the first model in stock from the new family of heavy duty vertical machining centres.  All the HD machines have a unique bed configuration which offers a fully supported table across the full X axis movement, eliminating table overhang and X axis distortion. This design, combined with the heavy box way, insures high metal removal rates and accuracy over the lifetime of the machine.  With X travels from 1300~2200mm - BT50 spindles - these machine fit nicely in the already impressive range of Dugard VMCs.  As the first stock model in the showroom Dugard were keen to put it through its paces with a cutting demonstration – this didn’t go unnoticed at the curry night when it drew quite a crowd.  The HD 1680B was sold at the Open house but there are many more on order and they’ll be ready for demonstration in Hove shortly.

With an extensive range of machinery on show at the Open House – the Samsung machines, new 52mm and HD models as well as the popular core range of lathes and VMCs - Dugard also gave customers a taste of their 2 new 5 axis models which will be in the showroom in less than a month.  The first is the Dugard V20/5 – it’s a high speed cost effective 5 axis/5 face VMC with advanced features and a compact footprint. The other 5 axis addition is the Dugard HSM600 – Dugard’s newest 5 axis simultaneous machining centre.  The HSM600 is available with a standard B axis swivel milling head and either an add on type A axis rotary table and tailstock or a built in integrated C axis rotary table.

With the overwhelming sales success for Dugard at the Open House, and with many more stock machines on their way, Dugard are proud to celebrate over 70 years in the Machine Tool Industry.

We are also official UK dealers for a number of high profile international tool manufacturers.


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