MTI Poland win business award

Friday August 22 2014

We’re really proud to say that our subsidiary company – MTI Poland – have won a prestigious Polish business award for the “most dynamic small and medium sized company”.  

It’s awarded by the Gazelles Group who are sponsored by the Business Plus magazine and it’s to recognise outstanding success in obtaining significant sales and profits over the last three years.

Created in 1991, MTI is owned by the Dugard family and has proved immensely successful.  MTI sell Dugard machine tools throughout Poland, as well as exclusively representing a number of other well know manufacturers including Hyundai-Kia, Zayer, Cincinnati and MAG.  MTI, just like Dugard, are a full service operation – not only selling the machines, but installing them, training the operators and maintaining the machines for the duration of their use.

For more information about MTI Poland check out their website (don’t worry, there’s an English language button!) at or email them for more information at  So congratulations MTI, we really appreciate all the hard work you put in!