Hanwha sliding head turning centres only at Dugard

Thursday June 27 2019

In recent years, the sliding head turning market has seen the niche machining technology continually encroach and impact of the sales of fixed head turning centres.

This is largely down to the evolution of sliding head turning centres and the ability of manufacturers to increase the power and capacity of sliding heads whilst retaining the small footprint, kinematics and productivity levels that far exceed fixed head variants. To exploit this opportunity, Dugard has now become the sole UK & Ireland sales and distribution outlet for the Korean brand of Hanwha sliding head machine tools.

Since becoming the UK outlet for Hanwha at the end of 2018, we’ve enjoyed considerable success with the brand and have Colin Thomson as our sliding head specialist to drive the benefits of the technology to the Dugard customer base. Commenting on bringing the Hanwha brand into the Dugard fold, Mr Thomson says: “Dugard is in a unique position to offer customers industry leading sliding head and fixed head turning solutions. This enables us to provide the most suitable tailored solution for end users based upon the dimensions, quantity and complexity of their components. Whilst complementing the larger fixed head range of Dugard turning centres, the Hanwha brand has capacity and power capabilities that far exceed that of existing sliding head alternatives, allowing Dugard to truly bridge the gap between fixed and sliding head technology.”

The Hanwha range is available in four range variants with the XD Series, XD Special/STL Series, the XE and XP Series of machines, which can all cater for the extremely diverse demands of turned part manufacturers. The XD Series starts with the smallest XD03 and XD07 machines that offer a maximum bar capacity of 7mm, delivering a main and sub spindle power output and speed of 1.5kW and 16,000rpm respectively. Packed into a 1.5m by 910mm footprint, the smallest XD03 and XD07 offer flexible tooling configurations and impressive kinematics for optimal productivity rates on small parts. The XD Series also offers an XD12III/16III, XD20II, XD20V, XD26II, XD32II, XD35II, XD38II and the largest XD42 with a maximum capacity of 45mm diameter. With a familiar FANUC control interface, uncompromising kinematics and endless tooling configurations, the XD range is a cost-effective solution for all your small part requirements.

For manufacturers looking to achieve the production of complex parts, the STL32, 35H and 38H Series incorporate M8 rigid tapping, Y3-axis with up to 40 tool positions, a powerful Siemens 840D control unit that controls the seamlessly endless capability of its 9-axes. Built upon a robust structure, the STL32H, 35H and 38H offer industry leading main and sub-spindle power of 23kW that drives components at up to 7,000rpm.

Specifically for heavy duty machining and the cutting of difficult to process materials, the XE12, 16, 20, 26 and 35 machines has been introduced. With an optimised mould casting and rib structure developed through FEA, the XE Series work envelope has been designed for maximum material removal rates. The range has a maximum spindle speed of 6500rpm, 8000rpm or 10,000rpm with a maximum spindle speed of up to 5.5kW depending upon the variant selected.  

Adding to the Hanwha line-up from Dugard is the XP Series with variants including the XP12/16, XP12S/16S, XP20, XP26 and XP26S. The economical XP Series offers best-in-class tooling performance, integrated motorised spindles for high-precision and high speed machining capabilities.

Giving an overview of the Hanwha range, Colin says: “The Hanwha sliding head range is so diverse, we have something for everyone. The XE and XP Series are both great all-rounders with an economical price point that makes them best selling machines for performance and productivity on a budget. The STL Series is the most powerful turret model with a 10 station turret for VDI and BMT configurations. Taking this capability a step further is the XD Special Series. This offers the ultimate tooling flexibility with its B-axis and Y2 axis and specially configured tool layout for the production of complex parts.”

“Added to the various machine models, we can configure the machines to meet the needs of the end user with a host of options that include tool breakage detection, through coolant, guide bush and guide bush-less operation, driven tooling, chilling units, gear hobbing, modular tool configurations, chip conveyors, extended coolant tanks, motorised air spindles and a selection of cross drill configurations.”

If you need any info on the Hanwha range of machines from Dugard, please call 01273 732286 or email sales@dugard.com