Hanwha sliding head CNC lathes for exceptional one hit machining

Sunday November 29 2020

Hanwha sliding head CNC lathes at Dugard are a unique range from 7mm right up to 45mm on the sliding head (42mm guidebush and 45mm non guidebush sliding head).  Paul Jones from MTDCNC came to Hove to talk to Colin Thomson, our sliding head expert, watch the video underneath:

Diverse range to cater for any industry

The Hanwha product range is totally built in their Korean factory from the ground up.  All the sectors of industry can be served by a Hanwha sliding head including medical, automotive, aerospace and of course general sub-contracting.  Crucially, the range is diverse, which is what makes its appeal so broad – the low end XP style machines are very simple, platen style machines with sub spindle and it goes right the way up to the STL range of machines which is a turret machine with a platen and Y axis.

The Hanwha range includes machines with turrets, B axis and 5 axis units.  In the video Colin explains which models he thinks will be most appropriate for UK customers, starting with the XE range from the XE20 up to the 36mm model, the STs and STLS are the Hanwha turreting range.  He also highlights the Hanwha XP models as a very good, very cost effective range of simple sliding heads.

Chip control is also a big talking point at the moment, and it’s something Hanwha have recently introduced, with software called PCR – Programmable Chip Removal.  Hanwha have decided to add the feature as standard and not charge.  As Colin points out in the video, “… having worked sliding heads myself, you need [chip removal], with some of the real nasty materials, even the plastics, just to get the machines to run that unmanned time longer.”

Reliability and longevity of the machines

One hit machining is a must for sliding head machines, customers want to be confident that they can press a button and walk away, and Hanwha machines definitely deliver on the reliability required.  Although Hanwha is a new acquisition for Dugard, it’s not new to the UK as they’ve previously been sold in the UK by other dealers.  Since taking over the agency, Colin’s seen machines dating back to 1991 going strong in full production.  And time hasn’t diminished their reliability, with tight tolerances still being held.  One of Colin’s customers runs stainless steel all day every day, and Colin points out that he’s holding an impressive 15 microns on the turned diameter.  Hanwha sliding head lathes are quite unique, we can actually mix and match quite a modular design on some of the machines, giving Dugard customers extra functionality.

The sliding head market is a place that seems to have been growing exponentially for the last 5 – 6 years.  The numbers are going up and up in sliding head and more people are switching on to getting the part off complete.  With staff costs at a premium, we need to get more parts off in one go without passing it round the shop and that’s where the Hanwha multi-axis sliding head CNC lathes come in.  If you want any more info on the range, or would like to come to Hove for a demonstration, give us a call on 01273 732286 or email [email protected]