Dugard production lathes on show at Timtos in Taiwan

Thursday March 14 2019

Our MD Eric was in Taiwan last week at Timtos, and he bumped in to Paul from MTD who was there looking at all the new machine launches.  In the first video below Eric’s joined by Jeff from Chiah Chyun, take a look:

Chiah Chyun design and produce our most popular production lathes, like the Dugard 32 sub spindle and Dugard 52 Swiss Type.   We’ve been working with them since 2002 and as Eric points out the relationship has grown so strong because of the excellent product development he’s seen over the years, with Chiah Chyun continuing to produce impressive machinery.

They’ve got a fantastic new facility in Taichung, Taiwan and they’re producing about 600 machines every year.  At Timtos they were premiering their new WTS model – with the ability to work quite long lengths but still have a very compact footprint.  The Chiah Chyun range covers every turning requirement with single, double and triple turrets, double spindle, sliding head and Y axis.

Another Dugard machine on show at Timtos was our HD range.  Paul saw the Dugard HD1886B and he was very impressed:

Paul took some more time with Eric a bit later on to get some more in depth info about our relationship with Chiah Chyun:

We’ve been working with Chiah Chyun since 2002 and the relationship has developed over the years to the point that we now have a big input into their machine development.  The machines are sold throughout the UK and the rest of Europe as Dugard machines and we feed back to Taiwan with info on how our customers use the machines, and what other features they might need.

The machine in the video is a new model and it has 2 turrets, a separate tailstock, a sub spindle and double Y axis.  The machine comes in two guises, this one’s got 8” chuck, 65mm capacity, and they also do a bigger version which has a 250mm chuck with a 76mm bar capacity.  It has dual 16 station turrets, both with built-in Y axis for extra flexibility. It also has a B axis for complicated component machining.

The tailstock on this machine sits just above the second spindle to support the first operation.  This machine was originally developed with one of the biggest ballscrew manufacturers, they prepare the ends of the ballscrew on this machine and they’ve sold over 150 machines just for that job.

For more information on any of the Dugard production lathes call us on 01273 732286 or email sales@dugard.com