Diemax Open Day – a tremendous success

Friday April 10 2015

When the Dugard team got to the new factory at Diemax Precision Engineering Ltd in Dundee they were very impressed.

The new custom built unit at Kingsway Park didn’t disappoint and proved an excellent showcase for all the Dugard machines currently in use at Diemax.  It was also an excellent opportunity to introduce our new Scottish sales manager David Martin to some of the Dugard customers.

All Machines at Diemax from Dugard
Every single machine at the successful subcontractor’s site is from Dugard – most have been delivered within the past 2 years and Diemax are really utilising their state of the art CNC technology to perfection.  With clients predominantly from the aerospace and electronics industries, the Dugard machines at Diemax are kept very busy – with a selection that includes 3 Dugard 760E VMCs and a Dugard 1000E, 2 Dugard 1000Y Plus VMCs (with extended Y axis), a Dugard 850 VMC and a high speed Dugard 200HT CNC lathe.  New machines delivered just in time for the open day include Dugard Lunan 500A and 800A, both VMCs, a Dugard Lunan 19-55 multi-function CNC lathe, and a Dugard 32 sub spindle CNC lathe, all of which make up an impressive arsenal for precision machining, milling and turning of both large and small complex parts.

Diemax Open Day

Brand New Custom Built Factory
With the loyal customer base that Diemax have been diligently building for over 30 years commissioning more and more work, it really was time for a move.  The new site at Kingsway Park in Dundee is absolutely ideal – with 10,000 ft2 of prime industrial space utilised to perfection.  Diemax now have plenty of room to house all the machine tools they need to deliver the best possible service to each of their customers.  They also use the latest CAD/CAM Mastercam system, enabling them to programme very complex components in 3D, ensuring quicker programming times and reducing the cost of production.

An Exciting Future in Store
So with the open day done, and the new factory well and truly up to speed, the future looks very bright for Diemax – giving the Donnelly family who own the company a bit of leeway to indulge their passion for Drifting.  Diemax Motorsports have been building a brand new car for the 2015 Drifting season – the car was on show at the open day, with driver Steven Donnelly (Peter and Phyllis’s son) proudly showing off all their hard work and creating quite a stir!  Watch the video from the open day above and you can follow Steven’s progress this season on their Facebook page