Main Tool Install 2nd Samsung less than a year after the 1st

Thursday August 21 2014

With over fifty years experience within the precision engineering industry, Main Tool Company offers the very latest in CNC and tooling techniques.

Established in 1954 their workforce is highly skilled, offering the perfect solution to all of your machining requirements. All of the machines on-site offer the latest technology in machining light to medium components and all work is carried out in house.

In January this year, Main tool Company took delivery of their first Samsung PL45MC lathe. They were so impressed, and the machine was so effective for the business that within three months they had ordered an identical model.

As a subcontract machine shop, flexibility is everything and buying the first Samsung lathe was principally about completing machining operations in one-hit as previously the businesses capacity was limited to just milling or turning. The first Samsung lathe came equipped with a milling function which quickly enabled Main Tool to complete parts in one-operation. This not only immediately reduced labour costs and cycle times but also improved overall productivity.

The return was that evident that within a three month period David Semple pushed the button on machine number two.

‘Our machine shop relies on being versatile. We can machine small components and large components, some with just turning, some with milling and lots with both. The first Samsung lathe was a breath of fresh air and we immediately saw how this could change our business. Not only does it improve productivity it puts our business in a different league. As an example we turn 5mm depths of cuts on Inconel 925, that’s 10 mm diameter in one go, this is very impressive metal removal on a difficult material’

‘Within two months of the first installation the machine was full to capacity, day and night.  Three months after the installation of the second machine that too was full to capacity day and night’

‘As we grow as a business we will always use technology to improve processes and not only are the Samsung machines high performers, they’re very reliable, accurate and cost-effective’

‘Another impressive process performed on the Samsungs is engraving; we use the ‘C’ axis to engrave our components, so the parts come off the machine complete. The fact we now have two identical machines also means we can be flexible with the tooling, moving it from one machine to the other depending on what’s required’