For Pegasus Precision Engineering Ltd Dugard machines are the catalyst for business growth

Thursday August 21 2014

Pegasus Precision Engineering Ltd is a successful precision engineering company, located in Aldershot, Hampshire.

The company was formed in 2005, when a previous owner folded the previous business and 2 of its employees (Barry Gordge and Bill Smallwood – now the 2 directors) decided to take over themselves and so set-up as Pegasus.  Initially they worked out of business premises at Pegasus Court, Aldershot (hence the choice of business name) but a couple of years back they decided to upgrade their workspace and moved into larger premises, practically round the corner, in Christy Estate, Ivy Rd, Aldershot and from that new location are now able to satisfy the whole range of milling and turning requirements.

Pegasus has grown into an engineering business that is proud to say that it maintains its place in the precision engineering and CNC machining community, by providing the services that clients want with up to date equipment and ISO9001:2008 inspection.  Pegasus can supply a full precision engineering service with parts manufactured on time with treatment, paint, engraving and almost any other requirement; they can deliver the complete package.

In many respects, Pegasus can reasonably claim to be bucking the trend in the engineering industry, as their machine shop is very busy specifically in the manufacture of parts for the camera industry by demonstrating the flexibility to meet their customers’ high-quality specifications with the accuracy, precision and reliability that they rightly demand.  The Pegasus team are all collectively and individually skilled in their particular disciplines, either CNC or manual machining, and have worked in all parts of the engineering environment from apprentice through to management.

The Pegasus machine shop already contains an impressive inventory of machine tools and on display is an array of high-class machinery supplied by leading machine tool brand names.  However, one particular leading brand name does stand out, because since the business was formed Pegasus have bought no less than 7 machine tools from Dugard, including 3 VMCs, 3 CNC lathes and an Academy manual lathe.

Part of the reason for the popularity of Dugard machines at Pegasus may be found in the fact that Barry Gordge is happy to admit that they get on particularly well with Dugard’s Southern Sales Manager, John Bellows.  John has been at Dugard for over 20 years and puts an enormous amount of effort into each enquiry which has resulted in a long list of satisfied customers and Barry is certainly happy to be included in the ‘very-satisfied’ category.  Barry trusts John implicitly and compliments him for his, experience, reliability and accuracy.

The most recent Dugard purchase by Pegasus was of 3 VMCs all equipped with a 4th axis unit which will give the Pegasus team more flexibility when quoting for work and servicing their own current client base.  One of the VMCs was purchased with through spindle coolant, enabling Pegasus to be able to tackle more tricky and demanding machining applications.

When asked to comment on Dugard, Barry replied: “Dugard are an excellent company.  Our business has grown in a big way over the last 8 years or so and our machines have certainly been the catalyst for this growth.  We rarely have a breakdown or experience technical issues – they just churn the work out day in day out.  I have been dealing with Dugard for over 30 years now and know that if the machines are good enough for them to sell, then they’re more than good enough for me to buy.”  High praise indeed!

For more information on the work Pegasus are doing have a look at their website .  If you’d like any more information about the Dugard machines at Pegasus Precision, email us at