SMEC SL2500Y a single spindle Y axis powerhouse

Wednesday February 20 2019

Described by MTD as a single spindle Y axis powerhouse, the SMEC SL2500Y is another great option for machining components in one operation, watch the video below:

The SMEC SL2500Y is a single spindle CNC lathe, but the addition of the Y axis gives manufacturers the option to machine a component in one hit – without the Y axis the same component would have to be machined on a turning centre and finished on machining centre.

With a 12 station turret, and 24 position indexing, live tooling speed is 5000rpm, it has 650mm swing diameter, 540mm swing over the cross slide, 235mm X axis and 105mm Y axis travel. Rapids are 18m/min in X and 12m/min in Y, it’s got a 250mm chuck and 77mm bar capacity.

The SMEC SL2500Y is currently in stock so if you need any more information call us on 01273 732286 or email