Mylas DY42 CNC Turning Centre

Machine Information

Made in Taiwan. Double spindle, double Y axes turret and gang tools multi-tasking turning centre with sub spindle, BMT45, 12 station and up to 24 tools

Machine Features

Sub spindle

Oversized precision ground boxways on all axes providing dynamic rigidity and heavy duty cutting ability

12 station main turret, driven tool option

14 tool Y2 axis gang tool slide

Swing over saddle260mm
Chuck typeDIN173E
Max bar turning length135mm
Max bar turning diameterØ42mm

Superior-quality CNC Machines

Made in Taiwan


Swing over saddle260mm
Chuck typeDIN177E
Max bar turning length135mm
Max turning length350mm
Max turning150mm
Max turning bar diameterØ42mm
Sub spindle chuckDIN171E
Sub spindle max bar turning length60mm
Sub spindle max turning135mm
Sub spindle max turning bar diameterØ32mm
X1 / X2 axis travel175mm (X1)
Z1 / Z2 axis travel450mm (Z1)
Y1 / Y2 axis travel±35mm (Y1)
X1 / X2 axis rapid traverse18mm/min (X1)
Z1 / Z2 axis rapid traverse24mm/min (Z1)
Y1/Y2 axis travel18mm/min (Y1)
Sub spindle X1 / X2 axis travel240mm (X2)
Sub spindle X1 / X2 axis travel500mm (Z2)
Sub spindle Y1 / Y2 axis travel266mm
Sub spindle X1 / X2 axis rapid traverse18mm/min (X2)
Sub spindle X1 / X2 axis rapid traverse24mm/min (Z2)
Sub spindle Y1 / Y2 axis rapid traverse30mm/min (Y2)
Spindle noseA2-5
Hole through55mm
Spindle speed50~5000rpm
Spindle motor (cont/15min)7.5/11/15kW
Sub spindle noseA2-4
Sub spindle hole through48mm
Sub spindle speed50~5000rpm
Sub spindle motor (cont/15min)3.7/5.5/7.5kW
No of tools12
OD tool size20mm
ID of boring bar holder25mm
Turret indexing0.1~0.3 sec
Tool spindle speed6000rpm
Tool spindle motor (cont/30min)2.2/3.7kW
Tool spindle torque (cont/30mins)14/23.5mm
Drill capacityØ13mm
Endmill capacityØ13mm
Tap capacityM8mm
Gang tool slide no of tool stations14
Gang tool slide OD tool size16mm
Gang tool slide ID of boring bar holder20mm
Gang tool slide tool spindle speed5000rpm
Gang tool slide tool spindle motor2.2kW
Gang tool slide tool spindle torque22NM
Gang tool slide drill capacityØ13mm
Gang tool slide endmill capacityØ13mm
Gang tool slide tap capacityM8mm
X1 / X2 servo motor1.8kW
Z1 / Z2 servo motor1.8kW
Y1 / Y2 servo motor1.8kW
Turret servo motor0.75kW
Coolant pump0.9kW
Sub spindle X1 / X2 servo motor1.2kW
Sub spindle Z1 / Z2 servo motor1.8kW
Sub spindle Y1 / Y2 servo motor0.75kW
Sub spindle coolant pump0.9kW
High pressure cutting fluid pump0.4kW
Hydraulic pump3.75kW
Parts conveyor motor0.03kW
Chip conveyor motor0.2kW
Lubrication pump0.003kW
Oil mist collector0.75kW
Hydraulic capacity55 litre
Lubrication tank capacity2 litre
Cooland tank capacity250 litre
Machine dimensions (W x D x H)2660 x 1960 x 1850mm
Machine weight5350kg