Ibarmia Z Series Multiprocess Travelling Column Machining/Turning

Machine Information

Heavy duty travelling column machining centres capable of serious turning operations, with horizontal and vertical turning from 1.5 to 12m length

Machine Features

Heavy Duty travelling column machining

Horizontal and vertical turning

Fanuc, Heidenhain or Siemens controls

1500 ~ 12,000mm table travel
Rotary table options for 5 axis machining with 1,100mm
24" power chuck for horizontal turning
6000kg maximum weight between centres
Vertical turning function up to 1500mm swing, 500rpm
Table divider for pendulum loading
Linear scale feedback on all axes
BT40/HSK63/Capto C6/BT50/HSK100/Capto spindle options
Up to 74kW spindle power
Up to 24,000rpm

Superior quality CNC machines

Made in Spain


ZVH40 / 45 / 48ZVH50/ 55 / 58 / 60
X axis travel1600~12,000mm1600~12,000mm
Y axis travel600~1000mm600~1100mm
Z axis travel900mm1100~1300mm
Electro Milling Spindle
Standard spindleHSK63A/Capto C6HSK100A/Capto C8
Maximum speed12,000rpm12,000rpm
Power at 100% (S6 40%)27/39kW74/84kW
Torque at 100% (S6 40%)130/187Nm300/452Nm
Optional spindleHSK63A/Capto C6HSK100A/Capto C8
Maximum speed20,000rpm7000rpm
Power at 100% (S6 40%)25/40kW52/73kW
Torque at 100% (S6 40%)87/135Nm500/700mm
Built in horizontal rotary table size/swingØ800/1100mmØ1200/1500mm
Table indexing0.001°0.001°
Built in horizontal rotary table with turning function800rpm800rpm
Max horizontal rotary table load3000kg6000kg
Maximum horizontal rotary table load with turning function2000kg3000kg