Ex Stock SMEC SL2000BSY Slant Bed CNC Lathe

Machine Information

CNC lathe from SMEC with Fanuc 0iTF or Siemens 828D control options, Y axis option, sub spindle option, 650mm swing over bed, 540mm swing over cross slide, 8″ chuck.

Machine Features

Fanuc 0iTF with 10.4” screen

Y axis

Sub spindle

Swing over bed650mm
Swing over cross slide540mm
Max machining diameter395mm
Max machining length450mm

Superior-quality CNC Machines

Made in Korea


Swing over bed650mm
Swing over cross slide 540mm
Max machining diameter395mm
Max machining length450mm
Chuck size8”
Spindle speed4500rpm
Spindle noseA2-6
Bore diameter 76mm
Max bar capacity 68mm
Motor cont/30min 11/18.5kW
Sub spindle chuck6”
Sub spindle speed6000rpm
Sub spindle noseA2-5
Sub spindle bore diameter 45mm
Sub spindle max bar capacity 36mm
Sub spindle motor cont/30min 5.5/7.5kW
X/Y/Z/B travel 235/105/580/580mm
X/Y/Z/B rapid traverse 24/10/30/24 m/min
X/Y/Z/B feed motor 3/3/3/3kW
Number of tools 12, BMT55
Indexing time 0.15 sec
Shank size for square tools 25mm
Shank diameter for boring bar 40mm
Live tool motor – max cont 3.7/5.5kW
Live tool speed 5000rpm
Tailstock travel/quill diameter 450/75mm
Tailstock quill stroke 80mm
Tailstock spindle taper MT4 [live centre]
Power41kVA/V / 49kVA/V
Floor space L x W [with chip conveyor]2790 x 1752mm
Machine height 2095mm
Machine weight5600kg