Ex Stock Hanwha XD 10Y Sliding Head CNC Lathe

Machine Information

Ex stock strong machining performance and high productivity with sub spindle, 15,000rpm, up to 26 tools and 10mm maximum turning diameter.

Machine Features

Fanuc/Siemens control

Maximum turned diameter 10mm
Maximum main spindle speed 15,000rpm
Maximum sub spindle speed 10,000rpm
Maximum tools 26

Additional information

Product Type

Superior-quality CNC Machines

Made in Korea


Maximum turned diameter 10mm
Main spindle speed15,000rpm
Main spindle motor2.2 / 3.7kW
Number of turning tools8 x 6
Number of front toolsER11 x 4
Number of cross drill toolsER11M x 4
Cross drill speed10,000rpm
Cross drill motor0.55kW
Sub spindle speed10,000rpm
Sub spindle motor0.55 / 1.1kW
Sub spindle back toolsER11 x 8 (Y2 fixed 4 + driven 4)
Sub spindle back tool speed9000rpm
Sub spindle back tool motor0.55kW
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 1810 x 1150 x 1770mm
Machine weight 2200kg
Power consumption15KVA, 10kW (VCTF10SQ x 4C)
Air flow rate120~150 litre/min