Dugard LB 4227 Double Column Vertical Machining Centre

Machine Information

Made in Taiwan. With Fanuc 0iMF control, 4200/2700/900mm X/Y/Z travel, 15,000kg max table load, 60 station ATC, 6000rpm spindle and 10,765 x 5500 x 4454mm footprint.

Machine Features

Fanuc 0iMF control

X axis traverse 4200mm
Y axis traverse 2700mm
Z axis traverse 900mm (1100mm opt)
Maximum table load 15,000kg

Additional information

Machine Type


Superior-quality CNC Machines

Made in Taiwan


X axis traverse 4200mm
Y axis traverse 2700mm
Z axis traverse 900mm (1100mm opt)
Spindle nose to table 200~1100mm (200~1300mm opt)
Distance between columns 2500mm
Table size (X/Y) 4000/2100mm
Maximum table load 15,000kg
T-slot 28 x 200 x 10
Spindle horse power (continuous/30min) 22/26kW opt
Maximum spindle Hi/Lo gear change 6000rpm
Spindle max torque 642/757Nm
Spindle taper/pull stud BT50 / 45°
Spindle tool clamping force 1800kg
Spindle bearing ID 100mm
Rapid federate X/Y/Z 18/18/15 m/min
Cutting federate X/Y/Z 1~10,000 m/min
X/Y/Z axial motor 7/7/7kW
X linear way width 55mm + 45mm ball linear ways
Y linear way width 65mm roller type
Z linear way width Heavy duty boxway
X axis ballscrew (D x P) Ø80 x P16
Y axis ballscrew (D x P) Ø63 x P12
Z axis ballscrew (D x P) Ø63 x P12
Tool magazine capacity 60 station
Max tool Ø without adjacent tool Ø Ø127/215
Max tool length 300mm
Max tool weight 20kg
Positioning accuracy (JIS 6336) ±0.015 / full stroke
Positioning accuracy (VDI 3441) Ps ≤0.030
Repeatability accuracy (JIS 6336) ±0.003 / full stroke
Repeatability accuracy Ps max (VDI 3441) Ps ≤0.025
Electric power AC220V ±10%, 3Ø, 60/50Hz
Total electric power requirement 60KVA
Air pressure requirement Min 5 kg/cm2
Hyd tank volume (hyd motor HP) 125 litre (7.5HP)
Lubrication oil tank volume 6 litre
Coolant tank and motor 500 litre (1.5HP)
Machine L x W x H 10,765 x 5500 x 4454
Machine weight 39,000kg