MTDCNC review the Dugard T8 Hybrid CNC turning centre

Friday March 2 2018

MTDCNC came down to Hove to look at our Dugard T8 Hybrid, multi-axis, high production CNC turning centre – watch the video underneath.

What does hybrid mean?

Basically it’s got 2 spindles (front and back), there’s also a turret at the back, driven tools and a plattern that machines on the back spindle.  The beauty of having this plattern is that you can get a lot more tools in a much smaller working area.  There’s also a B axis with driven tools, meaning you can machine the first operation of the component in the main spindle using the turret, then, you bring your component to the second spindle and you can do more complex machining; off centre milling or off centre drilling. 

A production lathe with options

The Dugard T8 Hybrid sits in a very small footprint and comes with bar feed options as well as parts catcher and conveyor.  The control options are Mitsubishi M700 or Fanuc 0iTF.

This machine is a unique concept, call 01273 732286 or email for more information