MACH 2014 build-up

Saturday August 23 2014

Everyone on the Dugard stand at MACH 2014 is really pleased with our progress so far – it’s already the third day and all the machines are powered up, the Apps team have arrived to start proving out the demos and we’re just waiting for the stand design people to start the build.

We arrived at the NEC on Tuesday morning to start marking out our stand.  Luckily for us we were allowed in on the “early access day” to get moved in so we had a head start on a lot of the other stands.  Then the lorries were brought in and the machines were lifted onto the stand.  That went virtually without a hitch and by the end of the first day, everyone had worked really hard and we were totally on schedule.

Second day, and all the machines needed to be levelled, get plugged in and the engineers started work.  So far the process hasn’t gone entirely without a few hiccups, but luckily we’ve been able to sort them out really quickly and we’re all really pleased with where we’re at – we seem to be totally steaming ahead.

There are a few pictures from the build-up underneath but remember to keep checking back to the website as we’ll be adding more. We also post them on Twitter throughout the day so why not follow us at @dugardcom?  There’s a full description of the machines we’re showing here, you can register to attend here and if you’ve got any questions about Dugard at MACH 2014 just send an email to