Eric reviews the Dugard Lunan 630MF multi-function CNC lathe

Thursday December 8 2016

Like the other multi-function CNC lathes in our Dugard Lunan range, the 630MF gives you the best of both worlds offering manual function and full CNC capability.

 It’s a big machine, with 1m, 2m and 3m bed length options, 102mm bore capacity and 16” chuck.  Eric reviewed the Dugard Lunan 630MF with Paul Jones from, take a look at the video below

Control options

As with all our Dugard Lunan CNC range, the 630MF comes with 3 control options, Fanuc, Siemens and the more unusual GSK.  GSK is a Chinese control that has been in production for about 10 years.  Although relatively unknown in the UK they’re the 3rd largest control manufacturer in the world, shipping about 100,000 units a year.  It’s a really conventional G Code type CNC control which is why it’s proving so popular with our customers.  That and of course the excellent price of GSK models – with a 2m 630MF coming in at under £40,000.

The Fanuc and Siemens options are really important to maintain in the Dugard Lunan range.  As Eric points out in the video, people like to  use industry standard controls, especially in environments where they’ve already got those controls working. The Siemens control in particular is very capable when it comes to small batch work (which the 630MF is ideal for) that you need when you’re using the Shopturn software.

A powerful machine

The weight and stability of the Dugard Lunan 630MF is of enormous benefit to our customers, and we’ve looked very closely at the capability of the machine.  With 550mm bed with, D1-11 spindle nose and 3 range gearbox, the 630MF can most definitely be described as sturdy, equipped with most of the aspects you need for heavy cutting.  As the name suggests it’s got a 630mm swing and our most popular machine has a 2m between centres turning length.  That’s not the largest model in the range though as well have a 800mm swing model ready in a few months, surprisingly called the Dugard Lunan 800MF!

Dugard Lunan models are always in stock

We’ve got Dugard Lunan 630MF models in our showroom now – which of course means, if you need it, they’re available to be delivered ASAP.  We’ve always got a healthy stock of our whole Dugard Lunan range, and remember you can buy them online paying only a 10% deposit when you order.  Call us on 01273 732286 for any extra information, or to arrange a demonstration.