Dugard 52 Swiss type CNC lathe launches at our open house – 18 & 19 October

Thursday September 14 2017

We’re opening the doors at Dugard on 18th and 19th October for our open house and we’ve got some really exciting things to show you.

With lots of models from our large range in stock, as well as some great ex-demo deals and our curry night on Wednesday 18th it’s set to be quite an event.  To add to all of that we’re also launching our new Dugard 52 Swiss type CNC lathe at the open house.

Dugard 52 Swiss type CNC lathe – made in Taiwan

The Dugard 52 Swiss type CNC lathe is a turning and milling centre with multi-axis synchronous control.  With a double spindle and complete tooling systems, both front and back, it offers highly efficient parts processing in a single cycle.  It can be used with or without the guide bush (depending on part length) and changing the machining type is exceptionally easy, giving you increased flexibility.  The rotary guide bush design reduces bar vibration, improves machining accuracy and has a maximum part length of 350mm.  If you decide not to use the guide bush the bar end is shorter, saving vital production costs.  With roller type linear guideways on all axes, friction is reduced and rigidity is increased.  The linear guideways also provide higher positional accuracy and superb machining performance.

Samsung CNC turning centres

A selection of Samsung (SMEC) high precision production lathes will be on show with chuck sizes from 6~24”, Y axis and sub-spindles on many models.  Boxways are standard on all models, giving incredible accuracy and extremely rigid cutting features.  Plus, both Siemens and Fanuc controls are available on all models

Lots more on show

The X5-800 is our newest addition to the Dugard range, but as you’d expect we have many more machines to show you.  The Dugard i42U and Dugard i42Twin are high production multi-axis CNC lathes, both proving that Taiwanese technology comes at highly competitive prices.  Of course, we’ll be showing our immensely popular XP Range of high performance VMCs, with models from 760mm up to 2600mm X axis travel.  There’s also the Dugard 1000Y Plus one of our bestselling machines with an extended Y axis travel of 610mm,  a standard 12,000rpm, direct-drive spindle, Big Plus taper, 30 tool ATC and 20 bar through spindle coolant.  Plus we’ve got some great deals on Ex-Demo machines.

Curry Night – Wednesday 18th October

As always we’d like to invite you to dinner!  This year our curry night is on the Wednesday (18th October) from 6:00pm until 9:00pm.  If you’d like to register for curry night, or ask for info on the open house or any of our machines just give us a shout on 01273 732286 or email sales@dugard.com