Dugard 1000 Y Plus vertical machining centre

Friday August 22 2014

The 1000Y Plus is one of Dugard’s bestselling machines – ruggedly built for high speed machining.  The heavy duty design assures optimum rigidity, stability and accuracy for a longer machine life.  It weighs 5,500kg but has the smallest footprint of any machine in its class. 

With an extended Y travel of 610mm, as well as Double contact “Big Plus Tooling”, heavy duty roller linear ways, 10,000rpm spindle with refrigeration and a 24 station twin arm ATC, the 1000 Y Plus is a welcome addition to any workshop.

There are various control options available – Fanuc OiMD, Siemens 828D with Shopmill conversational software or Heidenhain 530i.

The 24 station twin arm Automatic Tool Changer and spindle speed of 80 to 10,000rpm are standard features but we can offer a 32 station twin arm ATC and spindle speeds increased to 12,000rpm or direct drive of 15,000rpm as options.  A ZF 2 speed gearbox with top speed of 8000rpm is another exceptional option on this machine.  The 1000 Y Plus has a table size of 1200mm x 510mm and table loading of 500kg.  Rapids in X, Y and Z are 30m/min.

The Dugard 1000 Y Plus also benefits from its standard “Big Plus” and BBT tooling system – enabling “double contact” tooling to be used alongside normal BT40 or BT50 tooling.  The double contact system adds significant rigidity resulting in 30-40% improvement in heavy cutting and tool life.