700L so good we’ve already bought another…

Thursday August 21 2014

Based in Fife and formed in 2004 by Paul Hilliard MD, Well Tools design, manufacture and supply well bore tools for the Oil and Gas Industry.

With their products being exported all over the world, they have established a strong reputation in the design and development of specialised tools for customers across the U.S, Middle East, South East Asia and Europe.  The success and expansion of the company was realised when after just 7 years it was sold to investment company ‘Reservoir Group’ and it was during this expansion that Well Tools purchased the Dugard 700L.

Historically Well Tools had used their existing 12-inch chuck machines for all their part manufacture but as the company grew so did the demand for larger tools. Faced with the decision to either sub the new larger work out or buy a bigger machine, MD Paul took the decision to purchase a machine that could handle these new demands.  Having had no previous experience of Dugard and their service Paul took a trip down to their site in Brighton and was so impressed with the set-up and the machine, he commented:

“I was very impressed with their set up, I had actually ordered a competitors machine but they kept letting me down on delivery so I made a decision to travel south and investigate another option. Whilst at Dugard I felt comfortable with the people and was dead impressed with the lathe, even better it was in stock. My decision was made.I cancelled the other order and bought the Dugard 700L. The machine was delivered and up and running within 2 weeks. We use the Dugard 700Llathe to cut the larger of our components, which are generally Alloy Steels such as AISI4140 and 4145. This lathe is a real performer. As an example it can take diameter and facing cuts of up to ¼ inch, which really assists in reducing cycle times due to the volume of material removal. The machine also has three metres between centres accommodating our longer shaft work. We now have complete flexibility throughout our machine shop; I have been so impressed with Dugard even to the point where I have just ordered another machine; a Samsung PL 35, 15-inch chuck lathe, due for delivery in a few weeks. Dugard solved my machining requirements quickly and efficiently and with a great machine, this is all I can ask for from a supplier”

Although bigger than what was originally required, Paul purchased the Dugard 700L as it offered complete flexibility and value for money.

When purchasing a machine tool from Dugard you can guarantee reliable, quality products and an excellent customer service.