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Full Specification

The small lightweight cobot, HCR-3 is idea for narrow spaces that are tricky to reach by an operator.  It benefits from infinite rotation on the end joint and is ideal for screw driving and assembly applications
Made in Korea
Payload 3kg
Reach 630mm
Speed (tool) 1m/s
Weight 13kg
Positional accuracy 0.01mm
Repeatability ±0.1mm
IP level IP 64


Top Features

  • Optimal use of space – can be set up on the floor or mounted to a wall or ceiling
  • Collision detection (25~150NM) and impact mitigation (to prevent jamming)
  • Joint rotation limit, joint speed limit, TCP speed limit and virtual safety fence to control operating speed.  This allows the cobot to be easily pushed away for added safety
  • User friendly GUI
  • Easy programming with hand guided teach function or conventional programming
  • Cleanroom class ISO 2

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