5 axis machine, incredible price and incredible value

Thursday May 17 2018

MTDCNC popped down to our showroom in Hove to check out the great offer we’ve got on our Dugard RM 250 RT – just £75,000 – watch the video below.

This machine is slightly different from our other 5 axis VMCs, with a roller gear cam transmission, giving less backlash, more accurate machining and less friction.  The 250mm diameter table has 360° C axis rotation, +30°/-120° B axis swing and up to 60kg maximum loading capacity.  As Paul points out in the video, this machine has plenty of space around the table make loading workpieces much easier as well as benefitting the axes movement.

The RM 250 RT has a 12,000rpm spindle and a 24 station tool changer with less than 3 seconds chip to chip tool change time.  Paul was impressed with the 96m/min rapids and 1.2G acceleration pointing out that it’s ideal for small, nimble components.  It’s a 4+1 machine with Mitsubishi M700 control and it comes with everything you need for 5 axis machining including probing.

£75,000 for the Dugard RM 250 RT is a really good deal, especially for machine shops just starting to get in to 5 axis machining.  Paul says, and we wholeheartedly agree, if you want to get the best value for money then this is the option for you.