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Full Specification

Made in Japan
Fanuc 31iB control
X / Y / Z axes 880/880/800mm / 800/800/800mm
Spindle centre to pallet surface 60~940mm / 100~900mm
Spindle nose to pallet centre 100~900mm
Pallet top height (from the floor) 1050mm
Pallet size 500 x 500mm
Max work piece size Ø900 x 1000mm
Max load 750kg
Configuration 25-M16 P=100mm
Min indexing degree 0.001°
Indexing speed 1.8 sec/90° / 2.3 sec/90°
Pallet clamping force / system 100kN / mechanical lock
B axis clamping torque 5500Nm
Spindle speed 15,000rpm built in / 10,000rpm built in
Spindle rated torque 200Nm / 623Nm
Spindle taper 7/24 taper NT no 40 / 7/24 taper NT no 50
Rapid feed (X/Y/Z) 60,000mm/min
Cutting feed (X/Y/Z) 30,000mm/min
Table rotating speed 41.6rpm
Acceleration (X/Y/Z) 0.5/0.6/0.7G
Number of pallets 2
Pallet change system Rotation
APC time 16.5 sec
Type of tool shank BT40/CAT40 / BT50/CAT50
Type of pull stud JIS 40P / JID50P
Number of tools 40 (60/120 opt)
Max tool diameter Ø125/Ø2500mm / Ø70/Ø185mm (adjacent posts full / empty)
Max tool length 500mm
Max tool weight 8kg / 20kg
Tool to tool 0.9 sec / 1.8 sec
Chip to chip 2.8 sec / 3.8 sec
Spindle motor 25kW / 45kW
Feed axis motor (X/Y/Z/B) 5.5/5.5/5.5/4.5kW
Lubrication pump motor 23W oil, 20W grease
Coolant pumps 600W x 4pcs
Hydraulic pump 2.2kW
Electric voltage 200V
Electric power supply 70KVA
Air pressure 0.4MPa
Air volume 380L
Hydraulic unit tank 20L
Coolant tank 500L
Lubrication unit tank 0.7L / 1.8L
Machine dimensions (LxDxH, w/o swarf conveyor) 5683 x 2586 / 3006 x 2998 / 3240mm
Machine weight 12,000kg / 14,000kg


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