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Full Specification

Mitsubishi M700 control system, 64 bit processor, colour graphics, dual channel programming
Spindle Capacity  
Spindle bar capacity 65mm
Swing over bed 500mm
Swing over cross slide 300mm
Max turning length 350mm
Main spindle bore 67mm
Spindle speed 4000rpm
Slant bed 60°
Main spindle chuck size KK6-185E/60B collet/A2-6 chuck
Sub Spindle Capacity  
Sub spindle chuck size KK6-173E/42B collet/A2-5 chuck
Sub spindle bore 32mm
Sub spindle speed range 4000rpm
Travel and Feed  
X/Z axis travel 200/375mm
X1/Y1/Z1 axis travel 470/375/335mm
X / Z / X1 / Y1 / Z1 axis ball screw Ø32 x P10
X / Z / X1 / Z1 axis linear guide way 35mm
X / Z / X1 / Y1 / Z1 axis rapid feed 20 m/min
Tooling System – Channel 1  
System BMT-55 turret
Number of tools 12 (including OD/ID/Live)
Tool holder £25mm  ™25/32mm
Tooling System – Channel 2  
System Gantry
Number of tools OD x 5, ID x 9, Live x 6 tools
B axis (opt) 360° free angle
Tool holder £20mm  ™20mm
Main spindle motor Mitsubishi AC servo 11kW
Sub spindle motor Mitsubishi AC servo 5.5kW
X/Z axis servo motor Mitsubishi AC servo 1.5kW (B) / 1.5kW
X1/Y1/Z1 axis servo motor Mitsubishi AC servo1kW/1kW (B) / 1kW
Coolant pump motor 4T5-5x2
Chip conveyor motor 1/2hp
Hydraulic pump motor 1 hpx2
Coolant System  
Positioning/repeatability accuracy 0.005 / 0.005mm
Max coolant pressure 65 psi
Max coolant flow 76 L/min
Tank capacity 215L
Lubrication System  
Tank capacity 2L
Machine Size  
Pump pressure 15 kgf/ cm2
Length without/with chip conveyor 2850 / 3500mm
Machine width/height 1950/1970mm
Machine weight 5500kg


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