Ex Stock Dugard i42 Twin Spindle CNC Lathe with Y and B Axes – £90,000

Machine Information

Double spindle high production CNC lathe with Y and B axes, sub spindle and bar feed – list price £103,000, offer price £90,000

Machine Features

Fanuc 0iTF control with 10.4" screen

Y axis

B axis

42mm bar capacity

150mm maximum turning length
A2-5 spindle nose
6000rpm spindle speed
0.001° C axis

Superior quality CNC machines

Made in Taiwan


Maximum bar capacity42mm
Maximum turning length150mm
Spindle collet chuck typeKK5 - 173E/42B
Spindle noseA2-5
Spindle speed6000rpm
C axis minimum programmable increment0.001°
Spindle motor (cont/30min)7.5kW
OD tool shank static (20 x 20mm)9 pieces
ID tool shank static (20mm7 pieces
Mill/drill axial tools6 off
mill drill radial tools3 off
mill/drill headsER20 collet
Mill/drill head speeds0~4000rpm
Axial & radial live tooling motor1.5kW
Sub spindle collet chuck typeKK5 - 173E/42B
Sub spindle noseA2-5
Sub spindle thru hole diameter30mm
Sub spindle speed2000rpm
Sub spindle C axis minimum programmable increments0.001°
Sub spindle motor (cont/30min)3.5kW
Machine weight3800kg