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Full Specification

Made in Taiwan
Mitsubishi M80 control
Max working dia 42mm
Max turning length 300mm
Collet chuck type KK5-173E/42B / KK6-185E60B
Spindle nose ISO (DIN) A2-5/A2-6
Spindle bore 44/62mm
Spindle speed range 4000rpm (6000rpm opt)
Max bar working dia 42mm
Max turning length 155mm
Collet chuck type KK5-173E/42B
Sub-spindle nose ISO (DIN) A2-5
Sub-spindle bore 32mm
Sub-spindle speed range 4000rpm (6000rpm opt)
C axis 0.001°
X-1 axis travel 150mm
Y-1 axis travel 415m
Z-1 axis travel 300mm
Z2 axis travel 450mm
OD / ID tools main spindle 6 / 5
OD / ID tools sub spindle 3 / 4
Tool shank size 20mm
Boring bar (main) ER-20 / 20mm
Boring bar (sub) ER-20 / 20mm
Index time 0.3 sec (one) / 0.6 sec (full)
Number of motorised tools 12
B axis 360°
Speed 4000rpm (max)
Size ER-20
Max drilling dia 12mm
Max tapping capacity M10 x P1.5
Main spindle AC spindle 7.5kW (11kW)
Sub spindle AC spindle 3.7kW
X1/Y1/Z1 axis AC servo 1.5kW
Z2 axis AC servo 1.5kW
Motorised tool AC servo 1.5kW
Hydraulic motor / tank capacity 1HP / 50L
Max pressure 50 kg/cm2
Lubricant motor / tank capacity 25W / 2L
Max pressure 15kg/cm2
Coolant motor type Max pressure: 5 bar, flow: 75L/min
Hydraulic motor type Max pressure: 25 bar, flow: 30L/min
Coolant tank capacity 240L
L x W x H 3500 (2900) x 1800 x 1900mm
Weight 3800kg


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