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Kiwa horizontal machining centres exclusively at Dugard

Dugard are proud to announce that they are the new exclusive agent for Kiwa Machinery Co Ltd throughout the UK and Ireland.  Based in Nabari in Japan, Kiwa is widely recognised as one of Japan’s premier machine tool manufacturers.  Offering affordable state of the art Japanese technology, with a strong R&D background, Kiwa make horizontal machining achievable for any machine shop.

Unique expandable tool and pallet technology

Kiwa’s expandable tool and pallet technology sets them apart from the competition, allowing for tailor made designs to meet every requirement.  The tool changer and multi pallet systems are upgradable at the customer’s site, from a 2 pallet, 120 tool machine to a 6 or 8 pallet machine with 220 tools.  This gives customers flexibility to meet any future expansion needs without having to buy a completely new machine. 

High speed machines with impressively small footprint

Featuring ultra-high speed rapids (up to 80,000mm/min on the KH-4100 model) as well as direct drive (up to 15,000rpm) and built-in (up to 20,000rpm) spindle options, the Kiwa machines can definitely be described as fast.  Their patented their unique hybrid slideway design combining roller and boxways, give Kiwa horizontal machining centres both speed and rigidity.   A compact footprint is yet another distinctive attribute, at just 1.6m wide for a 400mm cube HMC with 500 x 500 x 500mm X/Y/Z travels (Kiwa KH-4100).  With cost effective multi-pallet options on most models as well as horizontal 5 or 4+1 axis for optimal chip clearance, Kiwa prove that their machining solutions provide high quality machines specifically designed to meet the highest demands.

For more information on the Kiwa range of horizontal machining centres at Dugard please call 01273 732786 or email [email protected]

We are also official UK dealers for a number of high profile international tool manufacturers.


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