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EMO's started!

Goodness me but the build up for EMO was hard work – there’s nothing for it, we’re all going to have to learn German, it’s so embarrassing that our hosts are all so good at English, it’s time to make an effort!

Finally though the show’s up and running and we’ve had a great day – the stand was packed!  What a relief - we’ve worked really hard and we’re so proud of the stand that it’s brilliant that so many people turned up to appreciate everything.  This morning our Czech dealers Inaxes were confirmed as our Samsung sub dealer in Czech Republic which started the day off on a really good note.

We’ve got a surprise guest machine on the stand as well, the Dugard 65TTSY – it’s a bigger version of our immensely popular 32, 42, and 52mm production lathes and it’s creating quite a buzz around the Messe here at Hannover.  It’s got a Mitsubishi multi axis control system, 8” and 10” chuck options as well as twin turrets and sub spindle.

Of course the Samsung machines are the star attraction – the PL45MCPL2500SYPL240LMPL25L and the brand new VMC the LCV500.  Everyone who walks past stops for a look, it’s not just passing trade though, we’ve had some really good, concrete leads and even some orders.  Not bad for a first day – with a Dugard HBM-110 horizontal borer virtually flying out of the door (the UK customer came to see us especially to conclude the negotiations).  As well as that we’ve also tied up the ends on a few sales of some of our smaller Dugard lathes so EMO was well worth the effort!

We are also official UK dealers for a number of high profile international tool manufacturers.


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