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Dicker Precision Components open day a resounding success

Their new unit at Hailsham is very impressive so the event on 30th November was a complete success!

Dicker used the opportunity to showcase their recent expansion to clients and the local public, as well as hosting a visit from Charles Hendry (MP for Wealden and  previously Minister of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change).  Mr Hendry made a very well received speech about the company’s success in the midst of the unpredictable economic climate, and the need for local and national support to ensure continued growth, not only by Dicker but SMEs across the spectrum.

Dicker manufacture products for the oil and gas industry and recently have had to appoint a new Staff Manager to oversee a growing number of projects. To help cope with this ever expanding workload, (which includes making parts for the Army’ latest vehicle; The Foxhound), Dicker purchased two new Dugard machines which are installed and running in the new unit.

The first machine Dicker invested in was the Dugard HD1886B, a heavy duty constructed VMC which due to the larger spindle tooling and bed will enable Dicker to produce considerably larger parts.  The HD range is a new one for Dugard, launched at our Open House last year. These machines have an interesting reverse axes table so the footprint is much smaller and the table is fully supported.  The HD range also features a heavy boxway system for high metal removal rates and accuracy over the lifetime of the machine.  This combined with the BBT50 tooling system, through ballscrew refrigeration and 32 station twin arm ATC made the HD1886B a perfect choice for Dicker.

The second is a Dugard 1000Y Plus VMC which was bought to compliment Dicker’s existing machines (including a Dugard 1000 VMC).  The 1000Y Plus is a rugged machine built for high speed machining with outstanding rigidity, stability and accuracy.  It has an extended Y travel of 610mm as well as Double contact “Big Plus Tooling”, heavy duty roller linear ways, 10,000rpm spindle with refrigeration and a 24 station twin arm ATC.  The 1000Y Plus is one of Dugard’s best selling machines for a reason and Dicker are extremely pleased with their purchase.

The Dugard machines have been a key ingredient in the success at Dicker enabling them to increase their productivity and cement their position in the market, despite the current economic climate, and the Open Day was the perfect platform to explain their plans.  Mark Love, Dicker Precision Components Director comments:

“In times of austerity, we continue to grow and expand and we are extremely proud of our performance. This Open Day gives both our local community and customers the chance to come in, get to know the people behind Dicker Precision Engineering, see our new equipment, and hear our plans for 2013. We are also very grateful for Charles Hendry who will give up his time to come in and visit the depot and we look forward to welcoming him and other attendees.”

The event was an enormous success and enjoyed great support both from industry and suppliers as well as the local community.  Lots of the guests had worked in the engineering industry for a number of years – one was 89 and remembered using machines supplied by Dugard over 40 years ago, as well as Charlie Dugard being in charge at Arlington Stadium.  It was really encouraging to see how enthusiastically the success at Dicker has been received, which is a major endorsement for them both in business and as a member of the Hailsham community.

It was also handy that the Open Day fell on 30th November, giving us a chance to see the whole team at Dicker proudly displaying their “Movember” moustaches - the ladies stuck theirs on!

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