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Customer orientated German Manufacturing from Matec

With over 1400 of their 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machining centres sold throughout the world, in all areas of production, Matec machines from Stuttgart in Germany have enjoyed significant success.

The Exact Machine You Want, Built the Way You Want It

Unlike other machine tool manufacturers, Matec’s ethos is firmly focused on the needs of the individual customer, offering refreshingly customer-specific manufacturing solutions.  When you order a Matec machine you don’t need to choose from a limited range of options, tell us exactly what you need and how you want the machine to perform.  Then, all of your requirements combined with Matec’s cutting edge technologies, will be implemented with a creative touch – ensuring that you get a machine of the highest standard with exactly the functionality you need.

Matec’s Modular System

The concept at Matec combines standard machine build with custom made machines – the planning for each machine is based on each customer’s specific machining task.  To start the planning process you choose a basic machine from the Matec range.  Then decide from the huge variety of options; CNC rotary and swivel tables, 5-axis milling heads, infinitely variable CNC milling heads, linear drives, handling systems, tools etc.  Finally the basic machine is transformed into your perfect machining solution.  Matec’s cleverly engineered modular component system has been proved to neatly answer any metal cutting requirements for their customers.

Matec Machines Available in the UK Exclusively at Dugard

As a machine tool supplier, our highest priority is customer satisfaction.  The best way to achieve that is to provide exactly what the customer wants so with Matec machines that job is already done.  With scores of machines installed worldwide, and an extremely high rate both of customer satisfaction and retention, Dugard couldn’t be more excited about selling the Matec range of 3, 4 and 5 axis machining centres.

For more information on Matec machines email [email protected]ard.com or call 01273 732286.

We are also official UK dealers for a number of high profile international tool manufacturers.


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