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Product Type
 Standard Machines

 Tos Varnsdorf
 You Ji

 GSK or PC

X Axis Travel
 Up to 800mm
 Up to 1200mm
 Up to 2200mm
 Over 2200mm


Spindle Alignment

Milling Configuration
 Single Table
 Multi Pallet
 Travelling Column
 Bed Type
 5 Axes
 Horizontal Borers

Number of Spindles

Number of Axes

Number of Turrets
 Single turret
 Multi turret
 B axis - angular positioning

Chuck Diameter
 6" (150mm)
 8" (210mm)
 10" or 12" (250 ~ 315mm)
 More than 12" (315mm)

Bar Capacity
 Up to 42mm
 Up to 52mm
 Up to 66mm
 More than 66mm

Turning Configuration
 Slant Bed
 Bar Production
 Flat Bed
D32Dugard 32 Sub Spindle CNC LatheMade in Taiwan. Dugard 32 - Sub Spindle CNC Lathe with 7 Axis and Sliding Head more information
D32Dugard i42 Twin CNC LatheMade in Taiwan. With a Mitsubishi M80 control, B axis milling, sub-spindle and driven tools. A fast and flexible all purpose machine at a highly competitive price more information
D32Dugard i42U CNC LatheMade in Taiwan. An innovative automatic lathe with twin turrets and twin tooling blocks, includes a sub spindle with both X and Z positioning as well as a powerful B axis for simultaneous and efficient machining more information
D32Dugard T8 Hybrid High Production CNC LatheAn extraordinary concept machine with turret and block tooling system, it's a multi-tasking solution, that is both economical and operator friendly more information
D32Dugard 52 TTS CNC LatheMade in Taiwan. Syntec PC based control, 52mm max bar capacity, 52mm collet chuck capacity, tiwn spindle, full C axis more information
D32Dugard 52 Swiss Type CNC LatheMade in Taiwan. Multi-axis Swiss type turning and milling centre with double spindle, Mitsubishi M80 syncronous control, 6000rpm and 52mm bar capacity more information
D32Dugard 65 TTSY CNC LatheMade in Taiwan. Muli-axis CNC turning centre with twin turrets, twin spindles, Y axis, full C axis, Mitsubishi M720L control, 210mm chuck and 65mm bar capacity more information
D32Dugard 76 SY CNC LatheMade in Taiwan. Fully programmable tailstock or back spindle single turret CNC lathe - Mitsubishi M720L control, full C axis, sub spindle, 8" chuck and 76mm bar capacity more information

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