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£TBA  Ex-Demo SMEC SL2500BY CNC LatheWith Fanuc 0iTF control, 105mm Y axis, full C axis spindle and slant bed boxway contruction on all axes more information
£TBA  Ex-Demo Dugard 220LSY CNC LatheWith Faunc 0iTF control, sub spindle, Y axis, 210mm chuck, 65mm bar capacity, 16 station tool changer more information
£TBA  Ex-Demo Dugard 1000E VMCModels with either Fanuc 0iMF or Siemens 828D controls available, 1200 x 480mm table, 10,000rpm spindle, 24 station ATC and 1050mm X axis travel more information
£TBA  Ex-Demo Hanwha HCR-5 Collaborative RobotWith 5kg payload, 915mm reach, 1m/s speed, 21kg weight and 0.01mm positional accuracy more information
£TBA  Ex-Demo Dugard 42SY Swiss Type CNC LatheWith 42mm max turning diameter, sub-spindle, 8 station Y axis, 2kW live tooling motor and Mitsubishi M80 control more information
£TBA  Ex-Demo Dugard 1000Y Plus VMC With 610mm Y axis, 12,000rpm direct drive spindle, 1200 x 610mm table, 40 tool ATC and either Heidenhain 640 or Fanuc 0iMF controls more information
£TBA  Ex-Demo Dugard X5-320 Five Axis VMCWith Heidenhain 640TNC control, 320mm diameter table, 12,000rpm direct drive spindle and 40 tool automatic tool changer more information
£TBA  Ex-Demo Dugard 800A Vertical Machining CentreWith GSK control, 800mm X axis, 500mm Y axis, 580mm Z axis, X & Y axis linear guideways, Z axis boxways, 20 tool ATC and BT40 more information
£TBA  Ex-Demo Dugard 570MF Multi-Function CNC LatheWith GSK control, 1500mm bed, 4 way programmable toolpost, 12" chuck, 310mm 3 jaw chuck and 89mm spindle bore more information
£TBA  Ex-Demo Dugard 400MF Multi-Function CNC LatheWith GSK control, 4 way programmable toolpost, 10" chuck, 400mm swing over bed, 170mm swing over cross slide and 1000mm between centres more information
£TBA  Ex-Demo Dugard i42 Twin CNC Lathe (N09469)Ex-demo CNC turning centre with sub spindle, Y axis, B axis, driven tools, 1.2m barfeeder, swarf system, automatic parts catcher and Fanuc 0iTF control more information
£69,500  Ex-Demo Dugard 760XP VMC (N09458)With Siemens 828D control, Blum tool & part probe package, Detron 125mm 4th axis rotary table, delivered and installed for £69,500 more information
£59,000  Ex-Demo SMEC SL1500 Slant Bed CNC Lathe (N09625)Ex-demo SMEC slant bed, 2 axis CNC lathe with turret tooling, Fanuc 0iTF control, 6" chuck, 12 tools, 570mm swing over bed, 460mm swing over cross slide more information
£16,500  Ex-Demo Dugard Lunan 400MF Multi-Function CNC Lathe (N09367)Ex-demo multi function CNC lathe, extremely rigid construction and an unbelievably low cost - 400mm swing over bed, 52mm spindle bore and 4MT tailstock more information
£4,950  Ex-Demo Dugard Lunan LC360B Gap Bed Manual Lathe (N09317)Ex-demo gap bed manual lathe with 360mm max swing, 510mm gap bed swing, 1000mm between centres, 60~2000rpm, DRO more information

We are also official UK dealers for a number of high profile international tool manufacturers.


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