MACH 2014 – how it all went

Wednesday July 23 2014

As you can see from the picture, Vince Cable was at MACH, taking the opportunity to “… see for [himself] the latest advancements in manufacturing technology and meet the people behind it”

It was evident throughout the show that it was going to be a good year – the halls were full of exhibitors as well as visitors and all anyone could say was that it was the best MACH for at least 10 years.   That’s exactly what we found on the Dugard stand, we were inundated with people and the majority of them were making honest, solid enquiries.  It wasn’t just enquiries either as we sold a total of 17 machines, 3 straight off the stand.

The first machines to be sold were 2 of the new Dugard 500A VMCs, with a 3rd going later in the week.  The 500A attracted a lot of attention at the show – it’s a new compact VMC, excellently priced at £19,950.  When customers saw the 500A, they automatically asked if we did a low cost lathe as well and yes we do – the Dugard 1955 multi-function CNC lathe an absolute bargain at £18,700 – even though we didn’t have one on the stand we managed to sell one of those as well.

Next up was the Dugard 1000E VMC – also incredible value for money with prices starting at just £46,600.  It’s a comprehensive range of machines with bed sizes starting at 760mm and going right up to 2000mm.  They’re compact machines with a sturdy construction, twin arm ATC and swarf auger as standard.  With the show machine going at the beginning of the week we went on to sell a further 2 1000Es (one in the last 5 minutes of the show on the Friday) as well as 2 of the smaller Dugard 760E models.

We also had success with the largest machine on the stand, the Dugard HD1886B heavy duty VMC.  We’ve been supplying the HD range since 2012 and they never stay in stock for long.  They’ve got an innovative reverse axis table design which reduces the footprint of each machine by 30% compared to standard VMCs, they have a BT50 spindle and up to 40 station bi-directional twin arm ATC options on each model.  The HD machines don’t stay in stock long at Hove, and clearly MACH visitors aren’t immune to their charms either – we sold the HD1886 on stand, that same customer ordered an extra HD1886 and we sold 2 more of the bigger HD2210 models, all at the show.

The other machines on the stand played an excellent role in inspiring customers to choose what they liked about the machines, but look at how a different capacity would be more profitable for them in production.  The Dugard 65TTSY was on show – a twin turret, twin spindle CNC lathe with 8 and 10” chuck options and shareable Y axis.  Our customer at MACH didn’t need a machine with 65mm bar capacity but instead bought 2 of our Dugard 52 TTSY CNC lathes – the 52mm bar version.  We also had the Samsung PL25MC on the stand, it’s a driven tool CNC lathe and this time the customers each wanted a bit more capacity, and we received orders for 2 Samsung PL45MC CNC lathes instead.

MACH was an excellent choice for us this year, as MD Eric Dugard pointed out “we couldn’t be more pleased with the results from the show as orders this year have been exceptional.  MACH is always a great show for us, not just with the orders we receive, but the excellent contacts and leads it generates for months, and even years after the event.”

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